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-Bose Project Engineer, Rebecca Kowalczyk, is part of the team that developed the new SoundLink Flex. A critical part of the process was choosing the best materials, as Kowalczyk explains. “Some of the things that went into the material selections were picking things that we know are inherently rugged, so powder coating on the grille was a natural choice. We use that right now for our professional speakers that live outdoors permanently Speakers in Bose’s portable range are thoroughly tested, with IP ratings that make it easy to select the right wireless outdoor speaker to accompany your adventures. For example, the SoundLink Flex Bluetooth® speaker has an IP67 rating, so it’s sealed against dust and is also waterproof. You can take it paddle boarding, drop it in the sand at the beach or leave it next to the pool without worrying. If it does happen to end up in the water, it will even float until you can retrieve it.During the design process, Bose Reliability Engineer, Jon Rapp, uses a custom shower tester to test one example of water ingress. “This is developed to try to simulate different customer use cases”, he says. “For example, we have hot, soapy water that runs up through the tester and recirculates to give the product some very stressful conditions in which liquid ingress might occur. The intent of the test is to push the product to its limits, so we can assess the performance margin over what we think the customers are going to do with it. The main goal of this test is to make the product fail and find failure modes, so that we can design those o


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