featured SPEAKER - BAR SONY-HT-S100F

Sony HT-S100F Integrated Tweeter and Bluetooth Sound Bar


  • Sound Mode: Auto Sound, Cinema, Music, Standard
  • Built-in tweeter, Two channel speaker setup
  • Deep sound & Bass Reflex speaker
  • WARRANTY: Warranty: Warranty: NO WARRANTY
PRICE: 13,500.00 13,500.00 /=

Sony HT-S100F Bluetooth Sound Bar has Built-in tweeter with Two channel speaker setup that provides deep sound, including Bass Reflex speaker. It offers High power with slim designSend audio to your sound bar wirelessly with a Bluetooth connection. Again, grants Easy TV set up with HDMI ARC. For a truly immersive multimedia experience, the sound quality is as important as video quality. But the speakers you find installed inside most televisions are not as underwhelming as the speakers . For the sake of getting a great deal on TV, that can be a good thing. But when it comes time to setting up a home theatre, replacing or supplementing those weak speakers should be your first priority. In this Bluetooth Speaker, the Sound bars make use of an extremely low-profile design intended to sit directly in front of your TV. Unlike many sound systems, you don’t have to deal with a complicated set-up process to get your sound bar going, it’s often as simple as plugging in one cord. And if your TV is wall-mounted, you’ll find it’s easy to locate a sound bar that can be mounted directly below. Hear sound come from all around with S-Force Pro Front Surround. The bluetooth speaker makes use of a compact design that helps you be space conscious. At the core of that design is a 35.5 x 1.5 x 3.5-inch build, allowing this sound bar to rest easily just about anywhere. As far as volume goes, the power output of the amplifier is 120-watts, but fortunately you’re only looking at 30-watts of power consumption under standard use. This new Sony sound bar a perfect choice for anyone who wants a high-quality room-filling sound.


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