new BODY MASSAGER --Easy Brain Massager LY-617E

LY-617E Head Massager Helmet Scalp Brain Relax Electric Vibration Easy Machine


  • Material ABS
  • 3 AAA batteries power source/Pencil Battery (Free)
  • Control gradually in intensity
PRICE: 1,900.00 1,750.00 /=

8 Types of Massage: Head massagers adjust the intensity of massage, fully soothe and relax, but also relieve pain and pressure. Regain the spirit and have clear thinking. The acupoint vibration promotes, and relieves headaches caused by tension and pressure, and improves sleep quality. Fully Adjustable Size: Scalp massager You can enjoy a hands-free head massage with an unprecedented relaxing experience, providing 3 power supply methods, namely 3 AAA batteries, USB charging, and a transformer connection. Fully adjustable size design, suitable for the head curve, and can be adjusted to fit the size of your head through the fastener device. Artificial Human Massage Function: Electric scalp massager Our head massager adopts the acupoint vibration massage method, imitating human body massage, to fully relax your brain, relieve stress, and make your mind clear. In addition, it can relieve headaches and improve sleep quality.

The Perfect Gift: Head massager scalp stress relaxation, a perfect for parents, lovers, friends, and teachers. This product can effectively promote acupoint massage, eliminate fatigue, and help you maintain health. For Health, Why Not Buy One: Massage helmet Sometimes you will feel dizzy, heavy, headache, or even a little headache. It shows that your brain needs relaxation. You can apply acupressure to your head to relax. Plastic material 50Hz frequency Control gradually in intensity USB interface Approx. 25 x 18 x 16.4cm size 3 AAA batteries power source/Pencil Battery (Free)

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